Pakistan Society of Plumbing professionals

PSPP - The Pakistan Society of Plumbing Professionals is established for the specific purpose of advancing the profession of plumbing and its allied arts and services, for the benefits of the professionals and the general public in Pakistan.

Established in 2007, PSPP is committed to the promotion and advancement of plumbing engineering, training, and development of plumbing engineers and professionals, improving health and safety issues for our members and the public.

PSPP is also working on various projects to improve the water quality and accessibility in both urban and rural areas of the country so that burden on government and health system may be reduced.

PSPP is focusing on reusing the waste water, rain water harvesting and efficient water management system and improving the ecosystem.

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Enabling Smart Energy and Water

BRG ESEW is the CSR Division of Business Relay Group for enabling Smart Energy and Water in Pakistan. The purpose of ESEW program is to promote the clean and renewable energy and water with efficient use to build a better sustainable and green Pakistan.

Business Relay Group is a leading business consultancy firm operating in the field of promoting business cooperation since 2012 with three major divisions such as:

  • Business consultancy (enabling cooperation between foreign and Pakistani businesses through B2B matchmaking, market research and intelligence
  • Trade expos and seminars for engineering business sectors that includes HVACR, energy, health & pharma, civil engineering and information technology
  • CSR division for enabling smart energy & water – BRG foresees that future socio-economic politics will move around energy and water that are the keys for enabling other areas of growth and social life. Therefore, the aim of BRG – ESEW is to promote the renewable sources of energy and water also efficient use of these resources to ensure sustainable and secure growth without putting burden on public resources.
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