Ministry of Climate Change

Groundwater: making the invisible visible


And mini Expo on World Water Day

22 March 2022 | Karachi Marriott Hotel

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Pakistan Water Summit

Responding the challenges of global climate change and growing population

Pakistan is among top five countries facing severity of climate change and growing population. These challenges are exposing us to the great danger of water scarcity and water quality that will not only put an adverse effect on our health but also on sustainable political and financial growth of the country.

Pakistan Water Summit is a one day forum that will bring all stakeholders together including scientists, water experts, policymakers, academia, government and industrial and agriculture sector to discuss the importance of water, challenges and way forward to save the vital source of life – WATER.

Aligning with the theme of World Water Day 2022 – Groundwater: making the invisible visible. Pakistan Water Summit will focus on groundwater that is the largest source of freshwater in the world, supporting drinking water supplies, sanitation systems, farming, industry and ecosystem.

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Event Floorplan

The Agenda

Word Water Day - 22 March 2022, Karachi

  • Groundwater: Challenges of climate change
  • Groundwater dependent social-ecological systems
  • Groundwater law, policies, procedures and standards
  • Integrated and sustainable groundwater management
  • Groundwater regulation and integrated water planning
  • Groundwater research and policy making
  • Groundwater and surface water interactions
  • Groundwater challenges: Overuse, Our Swerage and Sanition System
  • Groundwater regulation and integrated water planning
  • Sustainable groundwater and agriculture
  • Refilling water aquifers

Important dates

Last date for submission of papers : 05 March 2022

Selection of papers : 8 March 2022

You may contact Engr. Shoaib Ahmed via email adderss :


Showing their strong commitment with the cause - saving the vital soruce of life - WATER

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